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What is PhoneCrypt?
PhoneCrypt is advanced voice encryption technology offering businesses, professionals and individuals a solution to traditional insecure phone systems. PhoneCrypt is simple to use, and applies the strongest encryption available to preserve confidentiality and privacy. PhoneCrypt offers solutions for traditional phone systems, VOIP based systems, and mobile phones.

Mobile Phone & Land-line based solutions
Military Grade Encryption
Advanced Call Attack Detection
Intuitive Interface
Superior Voice Quality (QOS)
Who needs PhoneCrypt?
PhoneCrypt is designed to ensure complete privacy for mobile phone and land-based phone systems. Everyone should have a reasonable expectation of phone privacy, but unfortunately traditional mobile phone and land-based phone systems are inherently insecure.

By Industry:
Consulting & Engineering
Healthcare & Insurance
Concerned Consumers & Individuals
Finance & Legal
Government & Law Enforcement
Manufacturing & Suppliers
Software & Hi-tech
How does it work?
PhoneCrypt provides military grade technology to secure phone conversations in real time. The advanced technology encrypts mobile to mobile, land-line to land-line, mobile to land-line (vice versa) phone conversations.
A user places and receives calls via the application interface or the normal handset operation while PhoneCrypt's sophisticated technology ensures privacy without user intervention.

PhoneCrypt actively manages call quality and PhoneCrypt's active protection agent
monitors the call to protect against
eavesdropping and wiretapping threats.